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Anthro Sketch Exchange

Because Sometimes We're Too Lazy To Do The Full Thing

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Anthropomorphic "Secret Santa" Style Quality-Controlled Exchange Community




Welcome to anthrosketchxch! This is a secret santa type activity where you sign up with your character’s information and it is then e-mailed to a person at random. You in turn will receive someone else’s description, and you are then expected to finish art by a certain date. Where as most exchanges you are only allowed to enter certain types of characters, or you must finish a full out picture, here at anthrosketchxch, we do things a little different. All animal characters are excepted. Unfortunately this leaves out those of you with human or mech characters. Despite being called anthro though, it doesn’t have to be anthro in the typical ‘furry’ sense. It just has to be your Disney type anthro, i.e. animal with human expressions. Also, our community is aimed for those of you who’d always like to join exchanges.. but don’t quite have the time. Our focus here is on sketches and speedpaintings. Completed pictures are nice, sure, but this community is for the busy, the lazy, and well.. people who like to sketch!

Roll call will be posted on the 20th of each month. It will stay open until the 1st of the following month. You have until then to reply to the roll-call post with your character’s information. You are welcome to post as many characters as you want, but realize that only one will be drawn unless your secret santa is extremely nice or we’re doing a themed month that calls for more than one character. On the 1st of the month, you will be e-mailed with your chosen one for the month. These assignments are totally random. Remember, please keep your chosen one a secret! That is half the fun. Art will be due by the end of the month. You may post your art at anytime. Should someone not receive artwork from their person, they will be put up for adoption. Volunteers may then sign up to draw their character. However, this does not mean that their artist should no longer bother with drawing for them. Each person MUST turn in their art to keep participating.

We will try and run themed months every other month or so. If you have an idea for a theme, please feel free to suggest it to a moderator! :)

So before we get started, let’s go over a few rules. Please read them carefully. Violation of these rules will result in banning or not being able to participate.

1. This community is moderated. What does this mean? It means you have to show some level of skill before we’ll let you join. Now, we’re not going for Michelangelo or Dark Natasha here. The mods know they aren’t the world’s best artists, but we’d like our participants to have been doing this for a little while at least. So sorry beginners! But don’t be discouraged if you don’t get in! Practice, practice, practice, and then come back and try again! We’d love to have you with us in the future :) If you're not discouraged by this and would like to try, reply to this post with a link to your main art gallery

2. Even though this is a sketch community, the golden rule still stands: Draw as you would like to be drawn. We all know sketches don’t take forever, but it’s still possible to tell the difference between a sketch that someone’s actually put effort into, and one that someone did in 2 minutes. Please don’t rush through just to “get it done”. If we feel your rushing through your pieces just to rake in free art, we will put you on suspension.

3. Get your art in on time please! Rounds last for one month, and if you can’t even complete a sketch in that amount of time… well then, maybe you need to rethink your decision about participating in this community. If you fail to get your art in on time, you’ll be placed on the community’s blacklist, and unable to further participate until you turn in the art owed to your chosen one. HERE IS THE OFFICIAL BLACKLIST

4. Don’t be rude. Do not comment just to tell us how you think such and such sucks and you feel they shouldn’t be a part of this community. If you have a problem with something, contact one of the mods privately to discuss this matter.

5. Following that, please be courteous to the person who has drawn you and remember to thank them!

6. There is no rule as far as rating goes. It is entirely up to you and the person who draws you. However, if you do draw something with a mature theme, PLEASE put it behind an lj-cut with proper labeling. Some people browse Livejournal at work, and that’s the last thing they want showing up on their page.

7. No spam or advertising. If you are doing commissions and you want to let people know, please contact one of the mods to see if it is all right before you post it!

8. PLEASE do not e-mail the mods going "why didn't I get in? :(((" if your application is rejected. For more on rule 8 go here.

If you have any concerns of questions, please feel free to contact the moderators.

justblieve – malaikawolfcat [at] yahoo [dot] com
azianwolfdoll - azianwolfdoll [at] yahoo [dot] com
mahrkale - shadlycruestudios [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thank you, and remember: Have fun! :)

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