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WHaaat? It's the 20th already? Where has time been going? :|

I'd really like to see some more people sing-up this month. We had a huge drop in our usual participance last month. From around 70-80 people to a little over 40. I think this is partly because a lot of our regulars are also ending up on the blacklist. Summer was when we had more people join last year because everyone's not as busy with school, so if you've been sitting out for other reasons like concerns within the community, please e-mail me or one of the other mods and talk to us about it so that we can possibly fix this problem! We want this community to be the best it can be and we want everyone to join in and have fun!

Anyway, let's get on with it.


If you haven't been given an answer on your gallery yet in THIS POST--Please bear with us & be patient. We are currently without one of our judges, but we will try and get to you soon.

THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE ON THIS LIST STILL NEED TO TURN IN ART FOR JULY. You cannot sign up to participate for August if you have not turned in your sketch for July. The same thing applies to those who are on the Official Blacklist.

To those of you who are still Blacklisted: Remember that you are welcome to submit your sketch at any given time. If you do not want to post it yourself for some reason, you can e-mail it to one of the mods and we can pass it on or you can e-mail it yourself and cc us in the message. Please turn in your art as soon as possible if you want to get your name off the list. If I've already spoken to you via e-mail & have given you permission to participate for August, you may feel free to do so.

To everyone else taking part in July's round: You have 11 days remaining to finish your art for your chosen one! Please do not sign up for this round unless you have submitted your art first. Once it's been submitted, you are welcome to sign up.

Onward to the sign-up form! You know the drill.

LJ Username:
Valid email address:
Link to gallery:
Max rating of image:
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: ((Do not include adoptions. If you are unsure or can't remember, you can always check the community's TAGS. If you are a first time participant, please indicate as such.))

Eye color:
Personality traits:
Anything else?:

Links to reference images (full url):

You are allowed to post information for more than one character--(Try not to exceed 3). Please be aware that only one character will be drawn unless the person who is drawing for you is generous enough to draw all three.

If you post your information in more than one comment, please make one original comment and then reply to that with the rest of your descriptions. It makes it easier to only have to link to one thing as opposed to 3 or 4 when e-mails are sent out. Also, make sure to check that you've actually JOINED the community and you're not just watching it. We cannot add you to the community, otherwise.

DO NOT post your questions here in the sign-up post. Please contact myself or the other mods if you have any questions or concerns!

And lastly, feel free to pimp this community to your friends! We enjoy having new people with us. =) Thanks, everyone, & have fun!



Jul. 22nd, 2008 12:28 pm (UTC)
LJ Username: dreamerwolf856
Valid email address: dreamerwolf@comcast.net
Link to gallery: http://krazyklaws.deviantart.com/
Max rating of image: pg
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: rayndancer, DevHalena

Name: Felios
Gender: Male
Species: Fantasy- Big cat Guardian
Eye color: Gold
Description: Felios is a fantasy character, not any real species however most of his form is based on a heavy-bodied big cat like a lion or a jaguar. His feline body is pure white but he has tribal markings on his back starting at his shoulders and down to the tip of his tail. His tail should be round tipped, not like a lion's. He has long white hair and that should look like normal hair, not a 'mane' and it falls to one side of his head. His ears are long and elfish.
Personality traits: As a Gaurdian he is naturally protective, although years of living in exile have made him aloof and grumpy when around others. He's still got a deep sense of nobility and sense of duty. He guards the lost ring of Destruction which represents lost life.
Accessories: None
Anything else?: He's a newer character so I don't have any refs. Please feel free to use your artistic lisence in his design.

Links to reference images (full url): None
Name: Ava
Gender: Female
Species: Bird Guardian
Eye color: Gold
Description: She is fantasy creature but based on a large raptor, like a hawk or eagle. She should be mostly black in color with silver tribal markings on her back and along her wings to the tips. She has two sets of wings, one normal set just used for flying and other, perhaps smaller set which end in appendages (Either feathered 'fingers' or clawed hands) that she can use as working hands.
Personality traits: Ava is fierce and her sense of duty comes before anything else making her less compassionate than any of the other Guardians. She is the guardian of the ring of change-which represents chaos and wildness.
Accessories: None
Anything else?: Since she's a new character so I don't have any refs. Please feel free to use your artistic lisence in the design.

Links to reference images (full url): None
Name: Unnamed yet
Gender: Female
Species: Ape Guardian
Eye color: Gold
Description: She resembles a great ape and is silver in color. Like the others, she has tribal markings along her shoulders and back.
Personality traits: She is strong and easily the most maternal and caring of the Guardians. She guards the ring of creation which has powers of life and birth.
Accessories: None
Anything else?: Since she's a new character so I don't have any refs. Please feel free to use your artistic lisence in the design.

Links to reference images (full url):None


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