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WHaaat? It's the 20th already? Where has time been going? :|

I'd really like to see some more people sing-up this month. We had a huge drop in our usual participance last month. From around 70-80 people to a little over 40. I think this is partly because a lot of our regulars are also ending up on the blacklist. Summer was when we had more people join last year because everyone's not as busy with school, so if you've been sitting out for other reasons like concerns within the community, please e-mail me or one of the other mods and talk to us about it so that we can possibly fix this problem! We want this community to be the best it can be and we want everyone to join in and have fun!

Anyway, let's get on with it.


If you haven't been given an answer on your gallery yet in THIS POST--Please bear with us & be patient. We are currently without one of our judges, but we will try and get to you soon.

THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE ON THIS LIST STILL NEED TO TURN IN ART FOR JULY. You cannot sign up to participate for August if you have not turned in your sketch for July. The same thing applies to those who are on the Official Blacklist.

To those of you who are still Blacklisted: Remember that you are welcome to submit your sketch at any given time. If you do not want to post it yourself for some reason, you can e-mail it to one of the mods and we can pass it on or you can e-mail it yourself and cc us in the message. Please turn in your art as soon as possible if you want to get your name off the list. If I've already spoken to you via e-mail & have given you permission to participate for August, you may feel free to do so.

To everyone else taking part in July's round: You have 11 days remaining to finish your art for your chosen one! Please do not sign up for this round unless you have submitted your art first. Once it's been submitted, you are welcome to sign up.

Onward to the sign-up form! You know the drill.

LJ Username:
Valid email address:
Link to gallery:
Max rating of image:
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: ((Do not include adoptions. If you are unsure or can't remember, you can always check the community's TAGS. If you are a first time participant, please indicate as such.))

Eye color:
Personality traits:
Anything else?:

Links to reference images (full url):

You are allowed to post information for more than one character--(Try not to exceed 3). Please be aware that only one character will be drawn unless the person who is drawing for you is generous enough to draw all three.

If you post your information in more than one comment, please make one original comment and then reply to that with the rest of your descriptions. It makes it easier to only have to link to one thing as opposed to 3 or 4 when e-mails are sent out. Also, make sure to check that you've actually JOINED the community and you're not just watching it. We cannot add you to the community, otherwise.

DO NOT post your questions here in the sign-up post. Please contact myself or the other mods if you have any questions or concerns!

And lastly, feel free to pimp this community to your friends! We enjoy having new people with us. =) Thanks, everyone, & have fun!



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Jul. 30th, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)
My characters are generally non-anthro, but if you'd like to anthrofy them, feel free. :)

LJ Username: Foxfeather
Valid email address: foxfeather@foxloft.com
Link to gallery: http://www.foxloft.com - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/foxfeather/
Max rating of image: R (Artistic nudes fine).

Name: Fox
Gender: Male
Species: Wild Boar (Sus Scrofa)
Description: A large male eurasian wild boar with an exaggerated, mobile mane and long tusks. Deep brown eyes. Burgundy-brown coat – coarse and thick, winter coat. Black mane, lower legs and around eyes. Slightly fluffier tail than a normal boar.
Personality: Powerful, no-nonsense, good sense of humor. Stubborn.
Anything else?: N/A
Theme (optional): Any except industrial/city.

Links to reference images (full url): http://www.furaffinity.net/full/499978/

Name: Foxfeather
Gender: Female
Species: Silver-phase red fox (Vulpes Vulpes)
Description: Typical silver fox with a few raven feathers in her mane. If shown anthro, is digitigrade and 'were'-like/feral. Deep brown eyes. Small patch of white fur on neck/chest.
Accessories: N/A
Personality: A bit of a hermit. Sly, with a rather dark and wry sense of humor. Tendency to take self too seriously.
Anything else?: N/A
Theme (optional): Anything except overly yellow or orange. I'm not particularly fond of those colors.

Links to reference images (full url): http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/11125554/
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/3846603/ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2729209/

Name: Rappa
Gender: Female
Species: Griffin (Caracal (Felis Caracal) x Tawny Eagle (Aquila Rapax))
Description: Large eagle/cat griffin with feathery tufted ears, raptoresque front legs, bird tail feathers, a long lionlike tail ending in a feathered tip. Deep brown eyes. Burgundy brown color with black highlights in mane and on face/legs. Mobile bird crest. Feline half is slightly lighter colored than feathered parts. Slight caracal spotting on inner thighs/belly. Black tailtip. Front legs are thick and more suited for walking than a standard raptor. Think emu/rhea type feet with a fourth claw facing backwards.
Accessories: N/A
Personality: Aloof, avian, feral. Cat-like sense of humor.
Anything else?: N/A
Theme (optional): Any except city/industrial.

Links to reference images (full url): http://foxloft.com/Artimages/sketches/rappagriff1web.jpg
Jul. 31st, 2008 01:57 am (UTC)
LJ Username: rleeny
Valid email address: arlenezeller@hotmail.com
Link to gallery: http://rleeny.deviantart.com/
Max rating of image: PG
Last 3 people sketched for: obliviousally, iatro, sapphire_kun

Name: Willowby
Gender: Female
Species: kangaroo rat/cat/deer/thing (emphasis on thing :), I call her species derval)
Description: She is a small creature, 10 in/25 cm tall or so. She is various shades of
brown with spots on her back, like a baby deer. She has very large fluffy ears. I have
drawn her face fairly cartoony, but you can draw it more catlike if you want. She has
bioluminescent antenna that glow pale blue.
Accessories: none required, though at times she may wear jewelry crafted from various
materials found in the forest
Personality: She is generally happy, very talkative, and loves to tell stories. She is
also very curious and loves to discover new things. She lives on the forest floor among
the tree roots with the rest of her kind. When she is not gathering berries, nuts and the
like, she is usually trying to find someone to entertain with stories of the past and maybe
a few tall tales thrown in for fun.

Jul. 31st, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
LJ Username: obliviousally
Valid email address: obliviousally@yahoo.com
Link to gallery: http://obliviousally.deviantart.com/ | http://www.furaffinity.net/user/obliviousally/
Max rating of image: PG/R
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: dakinestuff, sapphire_kun, armaina


Name: Ally
Gender: Female
Species: Fox
Description: My main fursona, who is essentially myself. Perky, friendly, easy to get along with.
Personality Traits: Perky, friendly, rarely ever in a down mood. Like discovering and trying new things.
Accessories: Anything, really! Everything from gaudy, cute jewelrey, Hello Kitty, unicorns, jewels and beads and all kinds of things. She's usually found in jeans and t-shirts, with a lot of accessories and the like. But she'd likely wear just about anything. Her style leans more towards neon raver or cluttered casual. She likes mixing short skirts over blue jeans, funky belts, and other weird things.
Anything else?: If you don't want to run with the OMGSPARKLY route, she (and I!) absolutely LOVES horror movies and such, so anything with that sort of theme is more than welcomed!

Links to reference images (full url):
http://fallenangel.furtopia.org/ART/2007/AR-ally20-c.png (topless)
http://fallenangel.furtopia.org/ART/2007/AR-angel72-cA.png (face and hair)
http://fallenangel.furtopia.org/ART/2007/AR-ally14-cD.png (horror movie themed; slight blood)
Jul. 31st, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
Name: Gwen
Gender: Female
Species: Cheshire Cat
Description: Perky, friendly, former candykid who still hasn't quite grown out of that 'phase'. Gwen likes all things cute, and is a little bit of stoner. She works at a record store and spends her weekends clubbing with her boyfriend. She's super-curvy and has 'childbearing' hips, for lack of a better term. She'll wear anything from raver gear to cyberpunk gear.
Personality Traits: Overly peppy, loves meeting new people and making new friends. Loves music a lot.
Accessories: Anything bright, neon, and cute. She has almost a decora style, but with MUCH less in the hair clips category. She lives in NYC, so winters mean lots of layers and still managing to look cute.
Anything else?: Another one with an LJ: http://neoncheshire.livejournal.com/ (friends locked, as well. much safer than Phe's!). As for clothing, you can peek at this entry in my LJ for an idea of what she might wear. She also carries a plush backpack that she made to resemble her boyfriend. It's pretty much a plush snow leopard with neon, multicolored spots.

Links to reference images (full url):
(no subject) - obliviousally - Jul. 31st, 2008 02:47 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 31st, 2008 04:52 am (UTC)

LJ Username: Peludrax
Valid email address: pandoradragon@gmail.com
Link to gallery: http://pandora-dragon.deviantart.com/
Max rating of image: Any
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent:
obliviousally tamarii

Character 1
Name: Zidrae Corvine
Gender: Female
Species: New Blood ( Draconic race)
Eye color: Bright blue

Description:Zidrae is tall, around 6ft, with dark blue skin and brilliant, cat-like eyes. One of her more notable features is the long crests on her head, three in total that form a trident-like shape. She has long hair that goes down to the middle of her back; it appears black at first but is actually a deep blue. Her body build is athletic but soft, giving her a strong but still feminine look.

Personality traits:Zidrae is an ex soldier, and as such she has a very no-nonsense attitude and can be very quick to anger if people don’t do what she says when she says it. She’s also, hmm, to put it gently, quite oversexed, she’s been with a lot of people and is extremely flirtatious and always on the lookout for a possible new partner. She’s very protective of her family, and will do anything to keep them from harm.

Accessories: She wears two hoop earrings in her left ear, two studs and a hoop in her right. She also wears an elaborate ring on her left hand, to cover up the fact she's missing her index finger.

Anything else?: She just wears whatever she thinks will flatter her the most, she's not picky per say. When she's in the mood to be more formal she'll wear a vest and a skirt.

Links to reference images (full url):
http://pandora-dragon.deviantart.com/art/Zidrae-Faces-85758324 -Updated facial ref

http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Peludrax/loungingzidrae.jpg -quick full body drawing, s'not great but it shows off what her feet look like.

http://www.dragonweave.com/images/rings/armor-claw-lg.jpg - This is what her ring looks like, it'd just be in gold instead of silver. And it goes around the entire finger rather than being hollow on one side.

Character 2

Name: Kade
Gender: Male
Species: Bat hybrid
Eye color: pale blue
Description: A seven foot tall vampire and fruit bat hybrid, he's pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. He's a dusty brown with dark grey markings, and wild flyaway hair. He has two conspicuous fangs that jut out of his upper jaw slightly, along with his two very sharp front teeth ( from his Vampire bat heritage). On the end of his snout he has a heart shaped nose leaf.
Personality traits: He's quiet, not shy, but he just prefers to watch people rather than interact with them. He's used to most people being afraid of him, so he occasionally plays up his scary persona for fun. He's really quite gentile and loves to write.
Accessories: He sometimes wears a trench coat with the sleeves cut off ( so his wings can poke through, naturally). And a pair of large circular glasses.
Anything else?: Nope.

Links to reference images (full url):

http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Peludrax/DAKadeRef.jpg - this is his old ref, I need to do up a new one ^^;; The colors are all good but a few things are old ( see below)
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Peludrax/Kaderefupdates.jpg - this the amendum to the above showing the changes made to his design, mainly the wings, his nose leaf, and the fact his ears are bald now.
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Peludrax/sweeneyfin2.jpg - Good shot of his face
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Peludrax/Whisper.jpg - and again so you can see the slight changes to his snout and face.
Jul. 31st, 2008 06:00 pm (UTC)
LJ Username: rockerbot27
Valid email address: msbluesky@gmail.com
Link to gallery: http://rockerbot.deviantart.com
Max rating of image: PG-13
Last sketched for: ohaness, wereguitar, thrivis

Name: Dakota Bernswick
Gender: Male
Species: Golden eagle/ Puma gryphon
Eye colour: Emerald green
Description: Standing on his hind legs at about seven feet, Dakota is a formidable gryphon coloured mostly golden-brown. He has a large feathered crest with barred markings which raises up and down with his mood, expressive emerald green eyes, and tufted black cougar ears. His cougar lineage is expressed through a black marking running along the edge of his feathered "cheeks".

His foreclaws have evolved to the point where while they still retain the normal three-finger, one hallux arrangement for raptors, they're shaped more like human hands so he can easily manipulate objects. His claws, as a result, are also rather blunted. Similarly, his hind legs, while digitgrade, allow him to shift easily from a regular four-legged walk to a bipedal walk.

His wings are a bit oversized and the only markings are light barrings on the primary and secondary feathers. His underbelly, where the fur starts and his feathers end, is a paler shade of golden- brown. His tail is a long, fluffy cougar tail, the light tip having a ring of black underneath it (on the side closer to the body.)

Personality traits: Usually good natured and hospitable, but a bit distant quiet to those he doesn't know as well. Due to his experiences with loosing those he loves due to other people's hate he does have trouble trusting others. When it comes to close friends and what he has left of his family- biological or otherwise- he is a loving and caring being, full of warmth and laughter.

Accessories: To be honest, I never really could find a way to fit clothes over his darn wings realistically. :\ It's not as if he has anything to show off, anyway. ;) He does often wear a pouch around his neck to carry documents, keys to the house, money, and other such stuff. I've never illustrated it, so you can have free reign with that.

Anything else?: He's an AI developer and tyro roboticist. :D He's very good at it, although he's too humble to say it out loud. His creation Lillian says it all for him. That said, he is paradoxical in the fact that he still remains a very close-to-nature, country-loving gryph.

Please nothing racy or sexy. He's a father-figure in the story I write. And again, all equipment is internal. :b
He isn't really the violent type unless really, really pushed, either, despite being a gryphon. So preferably no violence.

Links to reference images (full url):
http://msbluesky.artspots.com/image/20703/moment-in-paradise (most recent- Dakota's the bigger guy with plainer markings)
http://msbluesky.artspots.com/image/13592 (full body realistic by me, altho not best colour ref)
http://msbluesky.artspots.com/image/8124 (Definitive "this is Dakota if he were real" picture.)
http://msbluesky.artspots.com/image/16559/itty-bitty-baby-dakota (just for fun- baaaaaaaby Dakota)
http://kiwiberryfreezy.net/artbyothers/dakotalillian_lyosha.jpg (by Lyosha; good reference for his cougar-like build)
http://kiwiberryfreezy.net/digital/dakota_model.jpg (Old crappy colour model)
http://kalamu.deviantart.com/art/Any-Colour-You-Like-61430354 (by Kalamu)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/zBalrogz/sketch73.jpg (By Balaa)
http://www.notonigon.com/dakota.jpg (Just a badge...by Maggock)
http://pics.livejournal.com/rockerbot27/pic/0006xpyr (sketch by Olly_RRR and colouring by me)
http://www.kiwiberryfreezy.net/artbyothers/dakota_paiseley.png (by Paiseley)
http://kiwiberryfreezy.net/artbyothers/Dakota_hammywammy.jpg (by HammyWammy)

DO NOT FEAR if you cannot draw avians I have a coyote character as my other choice!

Edited at 2008-07-31 06:05 pm (UTC)
Jul. 31st, 2008 06:06 pm (UTC)
Name: Jerry BlueSky, or in some places, Julian P. Wilbury
Gender: Female
Species: Coyote
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Description: Jerry is mostly a grayish brown all over, with paler markings her face, underside, hands and feet. (Consult refrences for exact markings).
She has dark chocolate brown hair which is usually contained behind her big ears (in which the backsides are also chocolate brown) with the exception of two heavy, unevenly parted bangs. Her eyes are also brown, and they have pronounced eyebags. Eye "whites" can be pale yellow or white. The dark brown blaze up her nose is the same colour as her hair, ears, and eyes. She has "teartrack" markings often seen on actual coyotes flowing down her cheeks- they're nothing emo, they're just there to make her look more coyoteish.

Her tail is fluffed up and shaggy, mostly just grayish brown with a dark tip. If for some reason you want to draw her on four legs, she has a "saddle marking" on her back the same colour as her hair. Most of the time she's a bipedal coyote, though. She's generally kind of skinny, with the exception of a rather healthy set of hips.

Personality: My avatar- or at least partially, she's me when I'm on a sugar high. She's a spazz. While she can have her quiet, somber moments, she's mostly pretty goofy and lively- and when it comes to her fandom for oldskool rock groups she has no shame. She also loves They Might Be Giants and Barenaked Ladies. She can't sing, she can't play guitar, but heck, she acts like she can. If she were in an actual cartoon she'd be the wacky comic relief character- she often plays the fool and is easily spooked, but she does have a sharp sense of humour and isn't afraid to be sarcastic. Whenever she tries to take charge, people never take her seriously. She says that she's actually supposed to be pretty smart- but it's more fun to be silly.

Accessories: She wears a set of brown aviator sunglasses, which are usually tipped down her nose so most of her eyes are still visible. She loves bright and gaudy Hawaiian shirts a LOT. (Greens and reds are favoured as primary colours.) She's usually seen wearing straight jeans and a pair of dark boots (no buckles or straps, plz), and sometimes a dark trenchcoat if it's colder, along with a lime green scarf.

Anything else?: No nude coyotes. She doesn't even have much in the way of breasts, anyway, so she's not exactly a prime selection for hot sexy pics.

Links to reference images (full url):
Full body refs (Old):
No colour recent full body:
Shot from my webcomic:
http://www.kiwiberryfreezy.net/ascommentary/2008/01/02/cornyrobot/ (on the left, obviously)

"Feral" form by me:
http://msbluesky.jaxpad.com/image/12290 (Good "saddle marking" ref)

"Were"-ish by Nova:

Face close-ups:
http://kiwiberryfreezy.net/digital/doomyquad_ref.jpg (Quad, no bangs or glasses, good ref)
(Good sunnies ref)
Jul. 31st, 2008 07:00 pm (UTC)
LJ Username: Majime
Valid email address: majimetoumoku@yahoo.com
Link to gallery: http://majime.deviantart.com
Max rating of image: Anything goes
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: suzanami ,fareme, dj_hixxy

Name: Zacari or Zac for short
Gender: Male
Species: Canine Demon Thing (A mixture of a jackal,dingo,and demon)
Eye Color: Black with neon green irises
Description: This Aussie is a hardcore raver. Always seen with his glowsticks, twirling them about to impress the people around him. He's a fun loving guy and will take any chance he's got to party.
Personality traits: Crazy, hyper, super friendly, talks to much about himself.
Accessories: White goggles with neon green lens, spider bite lip piercings, black leather collar with studs, ball necklace, a hip chain, glowsticks always on hand or dangling from his pants.

Anything Else?: He has a feral form which is around the size of a coyote.

Links to reference images (full url):


Jul. 31st, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
LJ Username: henriekeg
Valid email address: henrieke-goorhuis @ hetnet.nl
Link to gallery: henrieke.deviantart.com
Max rating of image: Keep it clean please!
Sketched for: Rupertistheone, Rleeny, Mahrkale

Name: Kiki
Gender: Female
Species: Ring-tailed lemur
Eye Color: Orange-ish
Description: Kiki is mostly a funny/cute character. She's a normal ring-tailed lemur, with normal lemur colors. Her tail has about thirteen rings, including the black tip. There's also a black stripe on her forehead. Asides from that, she can be drawn in pretty much any way!
Personality traits: Whatever I feel like when drawing her as a cartoon. A bit of a screwball but mostly cute. She can be anything (exept emo, maybe)
Accessories: Whatever you can think up!
Anything Else?: Have fun!! Please don't draw her as a human-sized anthro, besides that, everything is perfect

Very old refsheet:

Kiki drawn in my freaky cartoon style:

Art by others in different styles:
Jul. 31st, 2008 10:12 pm (UTC)
LJ Username: NeoGeen
Valid email address: NeoGeen at gmail.com
Link to gallery: http://neogeen.artspots.com/
Max rating of image: R
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: I do believe I'm new?

Name: NeoGeen
Gender: Female
Species: Spiky Monstery Beast
Eye color: Green
Description: Neo is predominantly black and green with a line of spikes from the center of her forehead to the tip of her tail. [See ref for image]
Personality traits: That slightly unnerving type of crazy, the kind where cliff diving off tall buildings sounds like a grand time. Anything for an adventure.
Accessories: Loves the things that glow.
Anything else?:

Links to reference images:


Name: Loser Lephte
Gender: Female but looks male. Refers to self as male.
Species: Crow/Snake
Eye color: Green-Yellow
Description: Loser is a scruffy crow-monster. He is physically very lanky and long (tall and skinny). Loves drinking, fighting, and sitting out on stoops.
Personality traits: A punker attitude, really rough around the edges. Cares about his friends and won't hesitate getting in trouble over what he believes in.
Accessories: Clothing tends to be ratty stuff, old jeans, torn up shirts.
Anything else?: Nope!

Links to reference images (full url): http://neogeen.artspots.com/image/21108/character-sheet---loser-lephte

Edited at 2008-07-31 10:13 pm (UTC)
Aug. 1st, 2008 04:02 am (UTC)
LJ Username: Zirofax
Valid email address: zirofax@hotmail.com
Link to gallery: http://zirofax.deviantart.com
Max rating of image: pg-13
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: First Time :)

Name: Brogan
Gender: Male
Species: Chinese Crested Dog
Eye color: Amber
Description: Brogan is a dark red/brown with white furnishings and wings. The furnishings are on his head, feet, hands, and tail. He also has three scars on the left side of his neck. He's very tall and lanky, and the fur on his head tends to droop over his eyes. He is missing his right arm from the elbow down.
Personality traits: Very protective and arrogant. Can become easily confused and embarrassed if caught off guard.
Accessories: none
Anything else?:nope

Links to reference images (full url):
Aug. 1st, 2008 06:03 am (UTC)
LJ Username: gogglebeast
Valid email address: rainbowtigerhiddendragon (at) cox (dot) net
Link to gallery: http://sparkleninja.deviantart.com
Max rating of image: PG-13
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: rayndancer, rockerbot27

Name: Ted
Gender: Male
Species: Technological Chimaera / [unknown]
Eye color: Circuitry-white
Description: He's a heavily modified organism, vaguely canine at best. Much of his appearance has been altered, with a great many 'additions'- most notably a line of syringes running all the way down his spine, and mechanical forearms that resemble bone.
Personality traits: Methodical, cold, and calculating; he is generally quite serious, and has no problem doing whatever it takes to get an assigned task done, regardless of whom it may upset or hurt. He's not overly sociable, and while he doesn't go out of his way to be cruel, he certainly doesn't put much effort into being nice.
Accessories: None
Anything else?: His ref-sheet gives a gooood deal of information on him, way more than I can fit on here. :> Also tends to pair up with Nova on jobs, since he works for hire as she does.

Links to reference images: http://sparkleninja.deviantart.com/art/Ted-Ref-2008-93233553

Name: Nova
Gender: Female
Species: Technological Chimaera / [unknown]
Eye color: Gold
Description: Another modified organism from the same Project as Ted, though her appearance is a little less severe. Has an almost secondary metal 'spine' that runs along her back and plugs into her actual neurological systems, with three glass canisters attached that are filled with various performance-enhancing substances. Her hind feet are completely mechanical.
Personality traits: A good way to describe Nova would be 'disgruntled'. She works for hire, and will take almost any job if the money is good; she also takes her tasks very seriously. Skilled at planning and data-gathering, she also has a tendency to be competitive, and holds grudges.
Accessories: None
Anything else?: The ref sheet says more! Will often partner up with Ted, instead of going solo~ though she's certainly competent on her own, she enjoys his company.

Links to reference images: http://sparkleninja.deviantart.com/art/Nova-Ref-2007-72388725
Aug. 1st, 2008 06:05 am (UTC)
LJ Username: iatro
Valid email address: fuzzworm at gmail.com
Link to gallery: http://us.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Iatro/
Max rating of image: NC-17
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: estarial, foxxieangel

Name: Dan Smith
Gender: male
Species: Avidrake (bird-dragon hybrid)
Eye color: bright yellow, round pupils
Description: http://wb-nodd.livejournal.com/4127.html
Personality traits: see above link
Accessories: see above link
Anything else?: Dan's PUNKFUCKINGRAWK, in case you didn't notice ;p he's self-conscious of his undersized wings, and he drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney

Links to reference images (full url):
http://us.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Iatro/model_sheets/dan-modelsh.jpg - model sheet, NSFW, male frontal nudity
http://pics.livejournal.com/iatro/pic/0000q95q - work-safe model sheet
http://pics.livejournal.com/iatro/gallery/000093yr - a few more pics :]
Aug. 1st, 2008 07:51 am (UTC)
LJ Username: n4nuk4
Valid email address: nanuka_services@yahoo.com
Last 3 drawn: wyngaed leeleemoreau _casidhe_
Link to gallery: nanuka.deviantart.com/gallery
Max rating of image(s): Eh, PG-13?

• Name: Sonar, or just "So"
• Gender: Female, tomboy-ish
• Species: Fennec Fox with Osprey mods
• Eye Colour: Two shades of orange.

(All her information, important designs, alterations and all clothing concepts too)

• Description: Well, she's still a growing character at the moment, only half a year into creation. But the basis that I can give is; most importantly...SHE LOVES TO TRAVEL! Anywhere and everywhere, all over the world - there probably isn't a place she hasn't been but is always willing to go back again and explore. Her transportation revolves mainly around her bi-plane (pimpin' some awesome flame decals on it, lol XD) but likes to go afoot for short distances. Her wings can be used for sudden lift, gliding or free-falls. She often uses her feet for, sometimes awkward, second pair of hands even.

• Accessories: The only real "accessory" (for anthro) is the bandage on her right arm that is covering up a scar/marks from surgery due to a recent plane crash incident. For her feral it's just the collar with overly large bell on it. Both can have the other as an option too. More often both forms are seen with (aviator) goggles sitting at their forehead or on top of the head.

• Personality: Spunky & charismatic, very very curious about everything.

• Anything else?: She's happlily taken by majime's self-named character seen (here). :3

• Links to reference images: [Her designs] and [Her clothing] and some assorted work of her [here].
Aug. 1st, 2008 07:55 am (UTC)
• Name: Lummyn, or just "Lu".
• Gender: Androgynous. (feminine male?)
• Species: Undetermined; wolf/fox-like.
• Eye Colour: Adaptive; any colour.

(All her information, important designs, alterations and all clothing concepts too)

• Description: This one's hard to explain, but the jist is - Lummyn is (my) a muse of sorts. The character is ever changing in style and general design with each image I've done. I try to promote other artists to just draw it in their own way/style and need not worry about how I do; just keep the defining details (collar, scar, ear curls, wings) but go all out in creativity.

• Accessories: Just the overly large metal collar with chain links. Often see playing with, tying up, or randomly placed with ribbons of any colour or size. Both kemonomimi forms have their respective "trademarks" as well.

• Personality: No set personality, always changing/different depending on the idea, mood, concept or artist.

• Anything else?: Lu can be seen interacting with mine or others' characters freely. It's usually a very friendly and curious character.

• Links to reference images: [This is it for now].
Aug. 1st, 2008 07:54 am (UTC)
LJ Username: XianJaguar
Valid email address: XianJaguar AT yahoo DOT com
Link to gallery:
Max rating of image: PG-13
Last Three two people I drew for: Casidhe, Henriekeg

Name: XianJaguar
Gender: Female
Species: Jaguar (regular spotted)
Eye Color: Green

Description: 5' 7" tall. Reddish-brown shoulder-length hair (straight or wavy. Not curly.) Fur the color of a normal jaguar, golden with brown/black rosettes. White chin/front of neck/chest/tummy. No spots in the white areas.

Accessories: A small cross around her neck...either on a necklace or hanging from a collar. The design of the cross is up to you (just not upside-down, plz.) She also wears a toe-ring on the second toe on her right foot.

Anything Else/Personality: XianJaguar adores wildlife, and especially Southern Wildlife....frogs, possums, alligators, snakes, lizards, toads, armadillos, slugs, etc. She tends to dress a bit 'hill-billy' in cut-off denim shorts (daisy dukes are fine) and a tank top/sports bra. Usually does not wear shoes.

Links to reference images (full url):
Sadly, I never made a ref sheet, and I have very little in the way of my character as drawn by ME. (I hardly ever draw for myself!)

But here's a REALLY old pic: http://xianjaguar.artspots.com/image/9848

And a big gallery with 8 pages full of art that others have drawn for me:

Aug. 1st, 2008 10:41 am (UTC)
Rating: Naked!
I have done one person: Paddlefoot Wolf

. . . .
Kess, Male
Fuzzy /nubian/ ibex
Anthro, feral, were? Draw whatever you feel you can pull off best - I have no preference. While Kess is male you can draw a female variant if that is what youd feel most confident doing (just because I like females...) I enjoy scenic themes and fine-art nudes. Overall, just have fun.

This is your main species ref: Note the absurdly-large-and-circular horn shape.

Personal colours:
The fact I have the same sorts of colours and markings as ibex is just funny coincidence. And adds to my enjoyment of the ibex genus.

. . . .
Description: Average slender, medium height, pointy tail, thick/long mane. Paws resemble dog feet more than goat feet because of the added digits - Still has thick, pointy, hoof-like nails. (Sorry, I dont have a sketch on hand right now. Imagine a goat with more toes)

Personality traits: Antisocial but still friendly. Quiet. Enjoys being strange and getting weird looks for it. Very logical and into science - Biology and paleontology in particular. Highly respects nature and trees. Loves snowfall and rain. Loathes sunlight unless he gets to sleep through it.

Accessories: Had a billion piercings but got rid of them... except his tragus and septal... But dont worry about it. May wear plain silver things over his horns. Prefers being natural (ie, naked and eating someones lawn??)

Please note the convex muzzle/nose, and overall stocky sort of body. This is a robust species. Yep -
Aug. 1st, 2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
LJ Username: Mahrkale
Valid email address: shadlycruestudios @ yahoo . com
Link to gallery: http://mahrkale.deviantart.com
Max rating of image: Have fun/Go nuts
Please list the last 3 people you've sketched for, starting with the most recent: majime, acomesafterb, oly_rrr

Name: Mahrkale
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf/cat (50% Dire wolf, 25% Timber wolf, 25% Panther)
Eye Color: Left eye is teal, Right eye is light blue (see Ref sheet)
Description: Primarily seen in "Were" form, usually always drawn with digigrade legs if she's standing upright. The gray color of her fur has got a hint of blue in it. Boobs optional, fluffy chest preferred. Also seen in a nonmorphic form.
Personality traits: Friendly! Good sense of humor and very very random.
Accessories: (optional) Silver colored balls necklace that was so popular in high school. Pony tail and baseball hat is an option too.
Anything else?: If clothing is put on her it's usually a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Optional themes: Batman, George Washington, Mideval knights, rockin' out!
Links to reference images (full url):


Name: Tanner
Gender: Male
Species: Amur Leopard/Amur Tiger
Eye Color: Dark blue
Description: Pantigrade walking badass. Tanner is a semi-bare knuckle boxer. I say semi because he always wears the white tape around his hands/arms. A cigarette is always either hanging out of his muzzle or tucked behind his ear. Baggy pants to the point that you can always see his light blue boxers.
Personality traits: Hard-ass, hardly ever smiles
Accessories: (optional) None
Anything else?: He's never seen in a happy mood, or anything remotely close to that. Optional theme: 1920's gangster

Links to reference images (full url):
I apologize in advance for the old-ness of the reference, nothing has changed, the drawings are just... old.
http://mahrkale.deviantart.com/art/Beat-Me-10346157 (shows back striping)
http://mahrkale.deviantart.com/art/Piece-of-Me-65793622 (most recent)
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